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The ECGrid platform supports cloud based data transformation to ensure compliance and data quality for your business and trading partners. The purpose built TaaS solution is optimized for EDI and B2B document exchange without the requirement for managing on-premise software and operations.

The TaaS solution is an open API based solution to map any data format for your back-office integration to comply to your trading partners’ requirements. This any-to-any data transformation service support all common standards for EDI and proprietary formats to meet your business requirements."
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Solution Overview

ECGrid's Transformation-as-a-Service (TaaS)

The Loren Data solution for cloud EDI and B2B transformation TaaS is the an open API based solution to map any data format for your back-office integration and ETL needs to compliance for your trading partner. This Any-to-Any data transformation service support all common formats and proprietary formats. TaaS has built in support for X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, JSON, XML, Fixed/Positional, Delimited/CSV, PDF, Excel, Word, IDoc, and HTML

Uses the Open-Source Bots Engine created by Henk-Jan Ebbers

Benefits of using TaaS

Develop a Modern Data Transformation Model – Transformation-as-a-Service (TaaS)

The Cloud provides new ways for your Supply Chain and IT teams to transform data for your partners, customers and business leaders.

Cloud-Native TaaS provides On-Demand Scale

Whether you’re an enterprise, a service provider, or a solutions integrator, you can take advantage of the economic and performance benefits of an open source, any-to-any cloud translation engine.

Simplify B2B and Back-Office Integration

ECGrid leverages REST APIs, which enable you to quickly and simply customize your translation workflows and to meet compliance needs for B2B data exchange and other data integration initiatives.

Extend Your Capabilities

If you are a service provider, you can use TaaS to extend your portfolio of capabilities. Adding TaaS to your organizations' product offerings you can quickly launch new revenue streams for your markets without costly proprietary software or the risks of building it yourself.

Reduce Costs and Resources

ECGrid offers flexible pricing models – pay-as-you-go, volume based or dynamic. This flexibility can scale with your organization’s variable needs.

Integrated Communications

TaaS solution is fully integrated to ECGrid's communications, mailboxing and API capabilities allowing seamless translation of all your trading partner's data using a single connection. ECGrid can be your single solutions for any B2B and EDI document exchange regardless of data standards and protocol requirements (e.g. AS2, x.400, Interconnects).

Get Started

The service can be provisioned wholly online or with assistance from professionals at Loren Data. Below are the steps for self-service, please note if you expect high volumes it is recommended you work with our account team to find the right pricing levels and deployment model to meet your business needs.

1. Register for an account and get your api-key.

2. Review the API documentation.

3. Download and try out the examples.

4. Set your starting Control Numbers for any EDI documents.

5. Add your Partner or company addresses/defaults.

6. Add any Conversion Codes you may need during data translation.

7. Create Grammars to define your file structures.

8. Create Translation Maps to Convert your data

How Transformation Process Works

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The open source mapper includes then most common formats requires and standards for sending and receiving transactions with external trading partners. As an any-to-any mapper even non-standard or custom formats can be supported by defining custom documents and data structures in XML or flat-file.

    Out-of-the-Box Formats: X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, JSON, XML, Fixed/Positional, Delimited/CSV, PDF, Excel, Word, IDoc, HTML

  • Yes, the TaaS solution can be used independently or as an integrated solution with ECGrid. You can use your existing communications in place (AS2, API / HTTPs / RESTful, FTPs / sFTP) or implement independently.The solution allows for full control of your implementation using the library of API available for both the ECGrid core communication services and the transformation tools available with TaaS.

  • Yes, Loren Data’s rich history of creating tools for developers and service providers is central to bringing TaaS to market. The solution can easily be added to your existing portfolio of offerings for your customers, just contact your account manager or fill out the form below.

  • Our service offering has self-service registration which allows you to enable your company or your customers in real-time with full control of your implementation. Please view the how it works section for an overview of the flow of setting up your Transformation-as-a-Service account.

  • To reach to our support team Click Here

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